Bivrost allows to organize a simple interface to asynchronous APIs.

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Fetch API Call

Easiet way to use fetch with interceptros and awesome api endpoint declaration. bivrost/packages/fetch-api-call


The main idea of Bivrost is grouping several API methods into data-sources.

Bivrost full documentation and recipes


yarn add bivrost

The gist

That’s it! Create api function for github api.

import api from 'bivrost/http/api'
import fetchAdapter from 'bivrost-fetch-adapter';

const githubApi = api({
  protocol: 'https:'
  host: '',
  adapter: fetchAdapter()

//define API method
const repositoryList = githubApi('GET /users/:user/repos'),

//call API method
repositoryList({ user: 'tuchk4' })
  .then(repositories => console.log(repositories));

Create data source that contain few github api methods (get repositories list and get repository info) and its invoke chain.

import DataSource from 'bivrost/data/source';
import githubApi from './github-api';
import tcomb from 'tcomb';

class GihtubRepositories extends DataSource {
  // define invoke method chain. Default chain is - ['api', 'process']
  static steps = ['api', 'immutable'];

  // "define "api" step
  static api = {
    repos: githubApi('GET /users/:user/repos'),
    repoInfo: githubApi('GET /repos/:user/:repository'),

  // step function will be executed for each method
  static immutable = response => Immutable.fromJSON(response);

  // define data source public methods that invokes steps methods
  getRepositories(user) {
    return this.invoke('repos', {

  getRepositoryInfo(user, repository) {
    return this.invoke('repoInfo', {

Extends GihtubRepositories and define username. Now all requests will be done for facebook's github group.

import GihtubRepositories from './github-repositories';

const FACEBOOK_GITHUB_ACCOUNT = 'facebook';

class FacebookRepositories extends GihtubRepositories {
  getRepositories() {
    return super.getRepositories(FACEBOOK_GITHUB_ACCOUNT);

  getRepositoryInfo(repository) {
    return super.getRepositoryInfo(FACEBOOK_GITHUB_ACCOUNT, repository);


Project is open for new ideas and features:

  • new adapters
  • new api functions
  • data source features
  • feedback is very matter



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